Why to work with us?

What speaks for us is the number of our customers and we are proud of that. Our cooperation partners are companies of all sizes and sectors of the economy, from the owner-established company to globally successful lifestyle group. What unites them is the search for innovative concepts, tailor-made solutions and the desire for measurable success. As a partner, we consult, accompany and enable in the sector of leadership-, team- and organization development. We maintain long-standing cooperation with many of our clients. Our customers associate us with the attributes reliable, trustful, and responsible.

We continuously commit to our own further training. Quality assurance through regular exchange of experience and lifelong learning are a matter of course for us as well as accompanying after action reviews and supervision.

We consider ourselves partners of our customers: Together we formulate objectives and responsibilities and continuously review our success. We find the systematic and regular feedback on eye level important for mutual benefit. Many of our clients we accompany continually on their ways, in the training sector, partially for many years.

We have different experience backgrounds and skills: From competent psychology graduates to managers with experience in a field of responsibility with more than 500 employees. What unites us is the passion for our work, the personal commitment, our strong customer focus and our quality standards: Success needs people. People who combine their experience and their knowledge.

We donate our revenues from all publications and financially support charity projects and foundations, among other MSF, SOS Kinderdorf, Kiniki Stuttgart, children’s hospice Sterntaler Mannheim.


Thinking out of the box

Digital technologies, globalization and the values of young generations like Y and Z have a great influence on our working environment. We work with digital processes like Flipped Learning Offers, blended learning concepts, learning hubs and our noesis app. We proactively identify relevant environmental developments and to constantly revise our mind map shaped by the past. We do this by networking intensively: In the team and beyond, with our own professional skills and the ones from others, in professional associations, practice and research. By sharing knowledge, experience and visions we are able to repeatedly implement innovative, creative and sustainable concepts with and for our clients. Various scene awards demonstrate: We want to be a laboratory for social avant-garde. 


Focusing solutions

Not to get lost in the search for causes, focusing on objectives. Thinking in solutions instead of sinking into a swamp of problems. That characterizes the resource- and solution targeted accompaniment of people and organizations. Especially if .... various disciplines and multirational requirements must comply, if performance pressure and scarcity of resources meet each other, or a wide cultural range and diversity. At that point it is relevant for success to concentrate on what worked (occasionally) and what marks a desirable future. In order to bring ease and efficiency into processes even in conflict situations.

True to the motto „if something works, do more of it. If something doesn’t work, do something else.”