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The organizational psychology and especially the neuropsychology as well as the constructivist approach for consulting and development form our technical background. We are seeking to harness the latest scientific findings for the consulting and training practice and combine them with our profound methodological knowledge and wide range of practical experience regarding innovative, company-specific concepts.

The psychology shows us how to convince people of the use of development and transformation: Operationally, tactically and strategically.

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From Greek noesis:
Philosophical term for the process of recognition of a matter or for a mental process underlying a valuation. The analysis of such a process is called noetic.

Anna Dollinger, Psychologist Director

To me professionalism in consulting and training means always looking for new research results and findings on the subject human, work and organizations and to continuously integrate them into our projects. Therefore we are involved in research and we closely cooperate with various universities. I find it very exhilarating to accompany and advise people and companies.

Thematic priorities:
organizational development, conception and accompaniment of transformation processes, conception and moderation of (large group) events, leadership development, team development, conflict moderation, coaching (certified DBVC senior coach, master trainer DBVC), handling stress and strain

Katharina Fehse, Psychologist

Everyone is characterized by his individuality and his specific needs. Recognizing these needs and integrating them into solutions is the key to motivation for me. At the same time this creates the basis for sustainable and partnership based cooperation with people.

Thematic priorities:
Leadership development, team development, coaching, moderation of (large group) events in German and English language, evaluation of measures for operational further education, communication and interview techniques, moderation, handling stress and strain, analysis of potentials/diagnostic of suitability (development center, management audit, biographical interview, suitability tests)

Jennifer Stein, Dipl.-Kauffrau

Consulting – advising – enabling: Right here I find myself. Enabling people to identify their resources and bring them in successfully. That fills me with great joy. Accompanying teams in various situations and stages and seeing how energy and drive grow is an impressive experience for me. Advising companies and contributing my experience as a long-time leader in a dynamic service sector, that motivates me.

Thematic priorities:
Moderation of events in German and English language, leadership development, team development, training on the topics communication and interview techniques, moderation and customer management, conflict moderation, coaching, accompanying of transformation processes, recruitment and analysis of potentials

Anja Wiggenhauser, Psychologist

I am driven by curiosity for the diversity of people and the energy that can be released when they collaborate in systems. I am enthusiastic about advising, accompanying and empowering people in the further development of their own personalities and as part of complex, dynamic corporate systems. At the same time, accompanying people in their development means continuously developing myself. In this way, I integrate the latest scientific findings and our diverse, forward-looking experiences from the business environment into my daily work.

Simone Bardens, M.Sc. Psychology

In order to accompany people and organisations in their further development and to support them in the best possible way, it is essential to understand them, their system and their individuality. I am inspired by an approach to change that is characterised by openness to individuality and thus makes optimal use of existing resources. This includes continuously broadening my perspective and knowledge, both in my daily work and in my personal development.

Janine Burmeister

Every person brings the potential, resources and competences to work and grow in their environment. My motivation is to work towards this (self-)awareness in teams and organisations, especially in times of uncertainty and change. In concrete terms, this means guiding people to better understand themselves, others and individual situations and to make complex interdependeces tangible. For this purpose, I am constantly expanding my knowledge, using the latest (digital) tools and methods and combining business psychological insights with business practice and the unique world of experience of my interlocutors.

Dr. Janina Merk, Diplom Ökonomin

The world of work is constantly presenting us with new challenges. I am passionate about supporting people, teams and organizations in actively using their resources and developing sustainable solutions that fit their system. For me, lifelong learning is part of personal development. Therefore, I am constantly looking for new impulses and integrate current findings from scientific research as well as best-practice approaches into my work.

Andrea Schwarz

Problems exist to be solved! If it is about processes of bookkeeping, controlling and organization, these are my strengths. I take care of all administrative tasks for the team and am available as contact person.

Thematic priorities:
Business administration, accountancy, controlling, organization, administration

Tanja Hölzle

I enjoy contributing in a variety of ways, planning, visualising, organising and developing myself in a competent and dynamic team. When our clients are satisfied and give enthusiastic feedback, that motivates me especially.

Thematic focus:

Organisation of our projects and events, preparation and follow-up as well as back office and process management.

cooperation partners

  • Marina Reuchlen
  • Norbert Gantner
  • Christina Mankus
  • Alexander Weihs
  • Paul Brad
  • Carlo Perfetto

Marina Reuchlen, Communication specialist, M.A. Intercultural Management; Systemic Coach

The focus of my professional work is on people and their relationships. With themselves and with others - in professional and intercultural contexts.
Bringing my clients and customers forward is a matter close to my heart. I see myself as an impulse giver and bridge builder whenever it is a matter of interpersonal communication, intercultural action and strength-oriented leadership competence.

Thematic focus:
Coaching of managers in international projects, training in intercultural competence (cultural awareness, culture-specific country training, cross-cultural team training, leadership in an intercultural context; integration of international specialists and leaders into the German business world).

Norbert Gantner, Psychologist

Making people and organizations flourish. This is the guiding principle of my work. In doing so, I aim for a strength-oriented leadership culture and organizational development as well as the best possible fit between personality and requirement profile.
The basis for this is formed by the findings of scientific psychology and my many years of consulting experience, in order to develop sustainable solutions together with our clients.

Thematic focus:
Analysis of potential and leadership assessments for systematic personnel selection and development, organizational development projects
(e.g. strategy workshops, team building, conflict moderation, large group events), effective stress management, coaching of executives and top management

Christina Mankus

Individual and goal-oriented guidance and consulting with tangible improvements in results are important to me. In my work as a corporate and executive consultant, I combine my experience as a leader in various national and international management and supervisory board positions with the tools of systemic consulting. Important to me is a goal- and solution-oriented approach, coupled with a lot of enthusiasm for topics and people.

Thematic focus:
Organisational development, coaching, leadership development, personnel selection interviews and potential analyses, team development, moderation of events in German and English.

Alexander Weihs

What drives me is meeting the challenges and rapid changes in our working environments and developing solutions together with you. We develop an understanding of agile working methods, self-responsible teams and modern leadership that is compatible with you and your organization.

Paul Brad, our Romanian network partner

Languages: Romanian, English

A marathoner that has also learnt how to sprint, in business and life. I am very interested to contribute to the way in which organizations and teams up their game, by streamlining their processes and developing their people.

Thematic focus:
Quality management, waste elimination, process improvement, team development, leading virtual teams, borderless organization, intercultural management. Tools and methodologies: lean manufacturing, six sigma, quality tools, problem solving

Carlo Perfetto, our Italian network partner

Languages: Italian, English

„Problem talk creates problems, solution talk creates solutions“ - Steve de Shazer. For more than ten years, this statement has guided me in my coaching activity. This strongly solution-focused approach coupled with my past experience in management consulting and the use of individual and organisational assessment tools allow me to support executives and top managers in multinational contexts of different industries in organisational leadership development, change management and career development.

Thematic focus:
coaching on Conflict communication, influencing skills, Self organisation and self effectiveness, Stress and anger management, change management, career management