Gaining committed serenity

Someone who has to meet high requirements and broad responsibilities on a daily basis has good reasons to take intensive care of his own „energy-balance“. There is always the risk of losing the balance between tension and relaxation, between pressure and relief.

In this training seminars we bring to mind how to use our own experiences and how the trails of routines can be left. By using different techniques the participants develop personal strategies to keep the balance between body, spirit and soul and find inner serenity.

Contents of this seminars include:

  • The concept of resilience
  • Embodiment research and the significance of somatic markers
  • Scaling technique: Taking up your own success
  • 3 indications for effective burnout prevention
  • Dealing with stress in a self-determined way: Using somatic markers and setting anchors
  • Developing rituals and better cope with everyday pressure
  • Stable zones: Resting images and imaginations that offer support
  • Hypno-systemic accesses for effective relaxation techniques