Certified Networker 4.0

1. Search inside yourself: Experiencing and enhancing my resources

  • Getting in touch with myself
  • Set-up of resources
  • EQ reloaded: What does the test reveal about me?
  • The act of thinking is not the problem
  • Mindfulness as key to my resources
  • Making decisions and using somatic markers
  • Modulating my emotions
  • Tool Box (e. g. the anchoring technique)
  • Changing and maintaining patterns
  • Empowering my resilience

2. Social net works: Enhancing my effectiveness in networking

  • Guideline competence in the network: What energizes the acceptance of my influence
  • Shared Leadership: dealing with context, objectives and expectations
  • The WE-Q: together we succeed
  • My inspirational-speech
  • My networking-map: Developing strategies with sociograms and working with line-ups
  • Personal Branding: Extending my brand in the network
  • Approaches of decision making: The consultative decision of a group (e. g. Slack-Line)
  • Collaboration & Co-Creation
  • Trust: Learning from secret services
  • The benefits of learning from social networks
  • Creating a networking heartbeat

3. Transformation: My personal power journey

  • Strategies for successful learning
  • Working in a VUCA-World: personal significance
  • My experiences in managing transitions
  • The climatic curve: one fits for all!
  • The Riemann-Thomann-model: revelations about myself
  • Causes of conflicts below the surface: factual level and relationship level
  • Turning resistance into chances
  • Demographic change: Dealing with different generations
  • Decision making in teams: a consultative process
  • The formula of change: P x P x R