Complaints as an opportunity

Claims, complaints, angry customers ..., such experiences are extremely unpleasant for many people who are in contact with customers. But especially in this respect conflicts can represent an opportunity. 

If it is possible to defuse the situation and solve the conflict, the basis for particularly trusting, sustainable consolidated customer relationship is built: this is demonstrated by many empirical studies.

At the same time, sales or service employees who have the models and techniques discussed in the training seminar, feel much more resilient and more balanced.

Contents of this seminar include:

  • Every negative emotion is an information
  • Use the law of resonance
  • The professional role distance and the EQ factor
  • Who asks, is leading: still
  • From the flower technique, the objection greeting and other useful rhetorical figures
  • Anchoring and winning personal stability
  • AIMOF: the magic wand in the complaint management
  • Cost calculation regarding the recovery of customers
  • A view into the tool box of negotiation tactics
  • Confidence: the glue for customer relationships