The professional customer management

Once again the recognition applies: Success is not a matter of chance or luck according to the motto: „You either have or you don’t“. Success is a question of the targeted approach, the permanent feedback and the personal commitment, especially in the field of customer management. 

Especially in the age of the "hybrid" customer all measures from the relational to the complaints management must be systematically synchronized and adjusted: Currently 60% of all CRM ("Customer Relationship Management") programs do not deliver what they promise. Because not only repeat customers are increasingly demanding more from their suppliers, so they continue to buy and remain loyal and faithful! Much like in a marriage: The partner of choice must bring joy to life and generate added value, otherwise you go separate ways.

Contents of this seminar include:

  • More than just best practice: The customer management cycle and its approaches to customer acquisition and loyalty
  • The targeted activation of customer-touch-points
  • Focus on customer world and customer motives
  • Service-check for experts
  • Use networks: develop value concepts
  • AIMOF: The key to professional complaint management
  • The glorious 7: proactively build relationship accounts
  • Professional compliments leadership