Dealing with conflicts: Arguing constructively and leading to sustainable solutions

Conflicts are a natural part of life and part of the daily work routine. Nevertheless, smoldering, subliminal or hot, flaming issues affect the functionality and productivity of organizations and burden the cooperation. 

If conflicts are taboos and they are displaced, communication and information stagnate and pressing questions and problems are not solved anymore. But if the energies, bound in the conflict are used in a proper way, opportunities for further development and innovation arise.

Contents of this seminar include:

  • Knowledge about the own pattern of conflict
  • The DIANA-scheme
  • Demarcation of the definitions: problem, conflict, dissent
  • What is a conflict about
  • Functional and dysfunctional conflicts
  • The significance of the conflict diagnosis – try it out
  • How opportunities can be worked out in specific conflict situations
  • Processes of escalation in case of conflict
  • An excursion into the topic of cooperation
  • …and having a look at the dolphin-strategy
  • The basic guideline for conflict resolution