Conflict moderation: Approaches, processes, securing the results

Conflicts are omnipresent in this world of enormous complexity, interdependencies and different values. Especially if the competitive pressure is high, if changes and reorganizations are part of the daily business and resources are limited.

If we remain in our protected sphere and do not open up mentally, we will not be able to use the enormous chances that lie in every conflict. This can lead to the result that conflicts become a permanent issue.

Contents of this seminar include:

  • The change of paradigm in the conflict management
  • Functional and dysfunctional conflicts
  • From judge to facilitator: Dealing with different interests in a constructive and target relevant  way
  • The challenge: Multipartiality
  • The common conflict diagnosis
  • The preparation of conflict moderation
  • How chances in concrete conflict situations can be elaborated together
  • Methods of deescalation
  • Trying out different methods and guidelines for conflict solving
  • Recognizing dynamics of power in case of conflict and managing psychologically coherent
  • Significance of framing and triangulation
  • Using the basic guideline for conflict resolution during the moderation of conflicts