Moderation for experts: Making events motivating and target oriented

Nowadays most companies are acting in a complex, multirational and dynamic context. To cope with these requirements successfully, it is necessary to use the knowledge, the experience and the will of all employees. 

Although there are enormous problem solving potentials, experiences and sources of energy in the team, it needs specific guidance- the facilitation- to exploit all this. The know-how of the facilitator and his multipartial attitude convey the willingness to cooperate: in” tension loaded ups” as well as in “creative downs”. For productive and fruitful events, motivated participants and satisfied facilitators.

Contents of this seminar include:

  • Using the solution focus
  • Hearing hidden needs instead of developing stress
  • "No one knows as much as everybody" or "Together we are stupid"
  • Steps of problem solving in groups
  • Never again without a concrete result: Leading teams to decisions
  • Developing activating workshop designs
  • The „hall of fame“ of the energizer
  • Dealing with power games and resistance