Empowering creative and innovative processes

They think outside of the box, walk off the beaten track, throw routines over board and venture new things: The employees who are vital for any organization. 

With their creativity and power of innovation they carry the company into the future. However, contrary to the stereotype, creativity is not an ability that is limited to artists, geniuses and designers with thick horn-rimmed glasses: Cognitive scientists, who have examined the creative process more closely, prove that everyone can be creative *. Targeted approaches and concrete creativity techniques bring brains to speed and disruptive ideas into the world.

Contents of this seminar include:

  • The cynefin theory
  • Steps of design thinking and what we can use pragmatically
  • Brain-writing, -storming & Co.
  • Mind-Mapping
  • How to gain disruptive ideas
  • Synectic- in expresso variation
  • Incubation accelerator: provoking illuminations and flashes of wit
  • 6-3-5-method
  • Collective notebooks
  • Sheltered by De Bono
  • Fail better: About the relationship between failure and learning