Basics of moderation: Effectively leading business meetings

“Everything has already been said, but not yet by everybody.” This quote from Karl Valentin shows that it is always a challenge to make meetings effective and successful. 

How this can be achieved by using the methods of facilitation will be worked out in this seminar. By using systematic procedures, specific facilitation techniques and consequent visualization meetings can become motivating and expedient. A facilitating approach also ensures that the knowledge and experience of all participants is used and the best solutions can be achieved. This way, we really let grow our WeQ.

Contents of this seminar include:

  • The balancing act between power and knowledge: Clarification of the role of the facilitator
  • Game over 3 levels – the basis of successful facilitation
  • The facilitation cycle: 6 steps to a fruitful meeting
  • Who asks is leading: Still
  • Visualization techniques (from visualize contributions to card enquiry)
  • New forms of meeting preparation and keeping the minutes
  • Using feedback processes during the meeting
  • Pulling out all the stops: How to deal with challenging situations in moderation