Transformation management: Managing transformation successfully

Steering transformation processes has become a core competence for leaders as transformations are part of the daily business. This involves issues like restructuring or transformation in processes and activity. 

How people can be motivated and guided through the transformation process (expand a suitable repertoire of methods and the possibility to use emotions that are always present as fuel for the transformation process) shall be worked out in this training seminar.

Contents of this seminar include:

  • The change formula
  • The launching speech
  • Personal patterns of behavior in dealing with transformations
  • Success factors for accomplishing the transformation
  • The mobilization toolbox: using digital power
  • Planning and evaluating professional strategies of communication in transformation processes
  • The climatic curve in the transformation process
  • Working out a communication skyline
  • Methods to  analyse the operation environment and complexity
  • Change guarantees resistance: Sources of resistance and dealing with them
  • The sand dunes effect
  • Methods for designing  a vision