Leading teams towards excellence

Collaboration and cooperation are ancient principles of human interaction ... And yet excellent performance in a team is not "self-evident" – even if principle "success factors" are set! Moreover teams are expected to react agile on the challenges of the surrounding VUCA-world.

Though managers often have to experience that the presence of  “top players” does not automatically lead to a high-performance team. Although the team is the mega store of knowledge and has enormous problem solving capabilities, experiences and sources of energy, the creation of a high performance team needs targeted guidance.

Contents of this seminar include:

  • Indicators of high performance teams
  • Scrumming-factors for agile teams
  • Basics of group dynamics
  • Extending the agility of the team
  • The phases of teambuilding and the respective approaches to leadership
  • The significance of the team-vision
  • The SolutionCircle: making resources available
  • Multiple team requirements and possible systemic approaches to action
  • Increasing the learning speed by using  After Action Reviews