Leadership in complex environments

Confusing, contradictory, increasingly unpredictable - these attributes characterize the current economic environment and form the context in which leadership and cooperation move today.

To handle this complexity properly, specific procedures and a new understanding of leadership are required. Leaders are needed who adapt their leadership style to complexity of the organization, actively involve employees in the management, stimulate a continuous bilateral learning and controlling process and thus successfully lead the organization into the future.

Approaches and methods that show how this can work in practice are discussed in this training.

Contents of this seminar include:

  • Extending  VUCA (living in Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity)
  • Definition and assumptions of leadership in complex environments
  • Connectivity of organizations and leaders
  • Shared leadership
  • The leader as a designer of relationships
  • Leadership as a continuous process of problem solving
  • Meta-competencies
  • About the topics of patterns changes and patterns stability
  • Stimulating the self-reflection of the organization