Multigenerational leadership

Currently there are about 5 generations working in many companies are. The after-war-generation (1946-1955), baby boomer (1956-1965), generation X (1966-1980) generation Y (1981-1995) and generation Z (1995-2010). 

The various cohorts have very different demands on companies and leaders. Meeting these demands and the necessity for a leader to respect the individuality of every employee, to understand his values and requirements is not new. However, the empirical results show that the spread of this individuality is significantly increasing and therefore complicates the exchange of experience, mutual cooperation and the use of different knowledge. In order to increase the potential synergies from the collaboration of different generations and to meet the different interests, decision makers are challenged to expand their role flexibility significantly: towards being a mentor, coach, trainer and mediator.

Contents of this seminar include:

  • The requirements of the different generations in detail: from x to z
  • Keeping the balance in the dynamic of recognition
  • Leading in processes with an open outcome
  • Connecting expectations and values
  • Not only working in but also on the system
  • The biographical imprints and the selfpyramide
  • Leading in the tension field of different interest