Leadership in dialogue: making annual appraisal interviews motivating

Imagine a world without objectives for a moment: What if….. no one had plans, no one felt the power and enthusiasm that drives, that overcomes fears and makes the unimaginable possible.

Objectives are the source and the drive for these positive emotions. Also and especially for the employee development. But even experienced leaders experience difficulties leading certain interviews, for example regarding development and performance deficits, in a target oriented and motivating way. To be successful in that kind conversation, not only empathy and sensitivity are necessary, but also knowledge about procedures and methods. These are the topics of our training seminar. 

Contents of this seminar include:

  • Annual appraisal interviews: structure, procedure and documentation
  • Discussing the latest findings in psychology and motivation research regarding the topics of leading conversations and target agreements
  • About feedback
  • The procedure of the annual appraisal interview
  • A key element: the development plan and the measures
  • The dimensions of the employee development: horizontal and vertical