Coaching and developing in leadership

To recognize staff potentials and use and promote them specifically is not only the basis of the entrepreneurial success, but also the decisive component of any employee motivation.

At the same time learning faster and therefore being better is one of the main competitive advantages on a long run. This applies to individuals as well as to the company as a whole. The respective leader has one of the largest leverages to develop employee potentials: Their skills concerning targeted perception, giving motivating feedback and finding creative measures (not only seminars!) are of essential. Identifying with the role of a coach supports this process.

Contents of this seminar include:

  • The dimensions of employee development: horizontal and vertical
  • The basics of employee development: What has changed…
  • How and under which circumstances adults learn
  • Preparation and review of development conversations/interviews
  • How self-responsibility and self-development of employees are supported
  • Coaching techniques in employee development
  • Leading a development conversation/interview: a guideline
  • The range of development measures: not only seminar!
  • The central element: the development plan with measures
  • Getting to know and applying methods of collegial coaching and collegial advice