The leader as a coach

Coaching methods are in demand, also in the field of management work. Because highly qualified, self confident employees expect leadership that uses their knowledge, responds to their individual needs and is able to balance contradictory interests. 

Whether from the part of the generation Y or from the part of the senior experts. Coaching as a leadership style is an excellent basis for all these requirements: the basic approach of the coach to act at eye-level, the methods of coaching for building relationships and the specific coaching tool box. In the training “The leader as a coach” corresponding procedures, methods and attitudes are discussed in detail and concrete exercise sequences are performed.

Contents of this seminar include:

  • Penetrating the definition, characteristics and benefits of coaching as a leadership style
  • Reflect your own attitude as a coach: constructive dialogue at eye-level
  • Testing the basic structure of the coaching conversation
  • Questioning techniques in coaching
  • Expresso-Coaching
  • Working with hypothesis
  • Pacing, reframing & Co.