Trainings and Seminars

In the long term, the only sustainable competitive advantage is to learn faster than the „market competitors“. This applies to individuals as well as to the company as a whole. Therefore, the transfer of learning is a main issue in all our training seminars. Additional Blended Learning tools like preparatory FLOs (Flipped-Learning-Offers) as Prezi with tests, tutorials, podcasts and web apps as well as digital learning hubs/webinars accompany our face-to-face trainings. With the support of our noesis-App we provide increasing leadership effectiveness through an optimal availability of documents plus connecting and goal-tracking possibilities. For our projects we received the MUWIT Award twice: in 2009 for our concepts regarding „Sustainability of Training Seminars“.

To ensure the transfer of learning and thus the success of our training seminars we mainly focus on

  • company specific elaboration of contents
  • Flipped Learning offers (seminar preparing and follow-up documents like tests, videos & audios and web apps)
  • collegial coaching and collegial consulting during and in between training modules.
  • carrying out preparing and follow-up transfer discussions - also perfectly suitable as learning hub/webinar.
  • concrete action & practical exercising during the event (including feedback loops)
  • appealing to all senses (seeing, hearing, feeling) – accelerated learning
  • enhancing the learning-transfer: the noesis-app (SkillHero)
  • and fun…

Our experiences have shown that we can guarantee our training seminars being especially successful if they are carried out as company-specific („in-house“) events So if you are looking for „tailor made“ for your topics, let us take measures

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