We as consultants and trainers at noesis have been certified as live online trainers since 2015 and since then we have tested various tools for and with our costumers

facing the current situation, all of our formats are available as presence and online formats (modified accordingly) just like our coaching sessions.

As consultants and trainers at noesis, we have been certified as live online trainers since 2015. For this purpose, we ususally use the video conferencing tools being in place at your company such as teams, Skype, WEBEX, Cai world, Big BLUE Botton or others...

Our current programs:
- WebFlo Curriculum: Leading Remote Teams successfully
- WebFlo Curriculum: Coaching-Skills for Leaders

Coaching can also take place as face-to-face or online coaching or even in hybrid formats!

For further information on the curricula please contact us!