The management audit/the management appraisal

"Players with no guarantee for a regular place" calls Prof. Christian Scholz for. Targeted selection of employees and valuation of potential skills are a key success factor of the employee development in point of the employee as well as the company.

While entrants have to undergo diverse recruitment processes, from sophisticated suitability tests to complex assessment centers, employee development and promotion measures are often oriented on past performances. This may lead to the fact that for example excellent experts are developed into leaders, who are unhappy and overstrained in their new positions. Or that potential career candidates who did not have the opportunity to show their skills yet remain undetected: potential needs opportunity!

To find out the existing potentials and clarify to what extend requirements and suitability of a candidate match (in order to illustrate the method the management audit can also be called “individual-assessment”) a professional audit/a management appraisal can be useful.

The management audit: how does it work? 

  • Usually a company specific competency model/requirement profile is the basis of the management audit. Based on concrete anchors of behavior it defines which kind of behavior is expected to be successful in a specific function and organization.
  • On the basis of these requirement profiles…
  • We design a non-directive, biographical interview guide that aims to capture and validate these requirements
  • We select targeted standardized measurement methods to capture the requirements of professional performance
  • We choose/ create operative as well as strategic case studies
  • And so we develop a company and requirement specific audit method as a whole
  • Based on this specific management audit we or also colleagues in the respective company, can conduct an appropriate process
  • The participants receive a detailed written audit report whose contents are explained in a comprehensive supplementary individual feedback interview with additional self-management strategies
  • And what is the company’s benefit? The audit report is also provided to the company/HR department, will be explained in detail and we can give advices about the suitability/the need for development of the participant and give leadership indications