The dynamized development/assessment center

Dynamization in the development center – what does it mean?

„Employee development is the most important management task at all“ says Prof. Christian Scholz and emphasizes that this significantly influences the success of the company the one hand and the motivation of the employee on the other hand. To implement these benefits it is necessary to pay great attention to the match between requirements and suitability.

As format respectively selection and development tool for this the dynamized development center has become apparent and been proved successful. Similar to the management audit, the dynamic development center wants find out which potentials relevant for success the candidates have. However, in opposite to the management audit it is supposed to be a group procedure. At the same time, the two procedures can also be combined.

The main difference to conventional assessments, the dynamization, aims to point out the learning and development potentials of the participants by giving constantly feedback and to increase the requirements on the candidates continuously.

The exercises that are as company-related as possible follow a red thread and are partly interconnected. The systematic feedback after as many exercises as possible is a fixed component of the dynamic development center. That way the participants get the chance to implement learning steps in further exercises and thus demonstrate their learning ability.

In particular role plays allow such dynamic approach and make it possible to give instant feedback based on the relevant requirements and perceived behavior.

A specific example for the sequence of a dynamic development center can be found below.