Suitability diagnostics and potential analysis

"Same job, 12 times the performance", that is what the productivity relation in sales looks like, according to empiric studies. This means the most successful employee achieves 12 times the performance of the least successful employee. 

Undoubtedly, the selection of suitable employees determines the success of the company. All the more, as the “Theory of Disruption” (Clayton Christensen) clearly shows that especially in VUCA contexts (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) the qualification and fit of every individual counts.

How can a valid selection of employees be implemented? How can you recognize appropriate procedures and selection tools for potential analysis/suitability diagnostics?

Every day a new »test« appears on the market and promises to accomplish more than anything ever before. 

In order to orientate yourself the flood of recruitment, personality and potential analysis test and to make clear how science and “rolling the dice” are different, the Federal Association of German Psychologists has started an initiative and developed and adopted a DIN ISO 33430 norm for selection procedures. In this norm quality criteria and standards for professional suitability evaluation are defined: procedures and measurement tools that meet the demands of this quality norm secure valid predictions about future performance of employees and leaders. For noesis these quality standards are self-evident and obligatory.