Developing a vision – build bridges to the future

Why do we need a vision?

The conscious joint designing of a desired, worthwhile future bundles forces and inspires us to creative performances according to the motto “if you can dream it, you can do it” (Fitzgerald)

A positively anchored image of the future energizes for new opportunities and at the same time serves as a lighthouse. It provides orientation for course corrections and helps to open up resources. At the same time a commonly shared vision strengthens and creates an (internal bond/mutual connections?) that leads to an ”understanding-each-other-without-words”.

Approaches to the development of an effective vision

  • develop as participating as possible (within margins)
  • choose a metaphoric approach for a design that will be a lasting memory
  • draw an image of the future that generates a “back-to-joy” and mobilizes energy
  • remain realistic: utopias (greek: u topos = no room, no house, no roof) cannot motivate
  • formulate qualitatively, specifically for this company, for this field (exchangeability and platitudes squander the magic forces of vision)
  • deposit symbols so that sustainability can have an effect
  • provide personal impulses for action
  • make clear to all parties which part they play  for the realization  

Questions to ask when creating your vision:

Perceive what is good

What characterises our unit/division positively?
What differentiates us from other areas in a positive way?
What have we managed well so far in dealing with each other?
What is our contribution to the company’s success?
What made us successful so far?
What are our strengths?

Disempower of habits

What do we want to leave behind?
What are our fields of development? Where can we improve?
Which of our routines and habits seem obsolete?

Stimulate the future

What are current developments and trends we can notice in our environment?
What market competitors do consider interesting? What can we learn from those?
What will bring us success in the future?
What of it will be important in the future?
What do we want to keep?
What seems to be a worthwhile future to me/us?
How should our field look like in x years? (Communication, cooperation, structure, processes & tools)
What could be our mission?
How will we recognize that we have implemented a worthwhile future?

Realization of the vision

What do we need to introduce in order to implement the vision (strategies, guidelines, behavior)?
What exactly should we maintain or enforce?
What should we omit or reduce?
What are our next steps? Who, what, how, when?
How will we recognize that we are on the right track?