Present success is no benchmark for future success. Uncertainty and complexity shape our environment, digitalization and globalization: Not only in technologies but also in markets, organizations and cooperation. Ready-made standardized answers do not deliver solution for handling contradictions, complexity and uncertainty. Nevertheless dissonances, contradictions and dissatisfaction on client as well as employee side regarding business development or indicators offer an excellent starting point for transformation. Transformations can create comprehensive potential just where something disturbs.

Anyhow digitalization and technology per se do not create anything. It is the people who generate innovations and values according to market and client requirements by means of these possibilities. Such unconventional thinkers and pacemakers  need space for exchange, inspiration and degrees of freedom. In a culture of experimentation based on the motto “Doing instead of perfection” they will get obstacles out of the way, think structures and systems in new ways and yield innovations.

What is important for us in consulting and development of transformation projects?

  • Using swarm intelligence and social networks and thus achieve results
  • Using digital technologies for exchange of information and co-determination
  • Using advanced findings from behavioral, learning and organizational psychology and thus increase the chances of success
  • Taking the perspective of solution focus and thus gain energy motivation and enthusiasm
  • Going attractive new paths to let trails of the past overgrow
  • Using digital technologies for information and addressing emotional, cognitive and action-oriented aspects equally and thus create sustainability
  • Working with metaphors and analogies and thus make the inexpressible  tangible and designable
  • Changing and mixing the level of intervention and thus mobilize new fields of energy
  • Carving out the things worth preserving and thus strengthen willingness to change
  • Participation such as crowdsourcing