Organizational development

New work, work 4.0, third industrial revolution: These concepts signal “The world is changing and we have to reinvent ourselves!” As organizations, as departments and also as leaders.

Erik Brynjolfsson (The Second Machine Age) emphasizes that we currently experience maximum 5 to 10 % of the transformation processes that will take place due to digitalization: “Till the exhaustion of possibilities by electricity and till the evidence of measurable improvements of productivity it took ultimately up to 30 years. What is up now are the organizational transformations and they will drag on over years.”

What the insights of the second industrial revolution by electricity also point to is that many organizations in their present form will not remain: With General Electric and Siemens there are currently still two groups active who have laid the foundations for their business with the electrification by the end of the 19th century. Competitors like Edison, Swan Electric Light or Westinghouse Electric are known today only by economic historians.

The development of the environment requires new answers. In organization structure as well as in employee selection and assignment. We need an inspiring organizational culture that promotes innovations, responsibility and speed and thus gives promising answers to VUCA contexts. “Disrupt – or be disrupted” is the motto.

Why to work with us?

  • Professional:
    Over 25 years of experience in consulting, leadership trainings, and coaching.
  • Aligned:
    We search for innovative concepts and tailor-made solutions for your company to achieve measurable success.
  • Integrated:
    We design our concepts form digital preparation task through web meetings and peergroup consulting to evaluation and take care of the logistic, materials, and whatever you need around the program.
  • Connected:
    We are networking intensively and we connect and create a learning network and a strong leader community for your company.
  • Global:
    We deliver trainings and coaching everywhere, face to face or virtual, and on all continents.
  • Passionate:
    Our driving force is the passion for our work, the personal commitment, our strong customer focus and our quality standards.

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Below you can find an example skyline for our organizational development work: