Future Conference – direct the company towards the future

The classic future conference follows a clear pre-defined scheme. The people of an organization evaluate their company’s past, reflect requirements of the present and elaborate a common vision for the future as well as concrete measures and approaches for its implementation.

The benefit of a future conference lies in the enormous increase of the willingness to change, on the one hand, because the necessity for transformation is made very clear, on the other hand because there is a strong and attractive future orientation. Therefore, this kind of event awakens the will of the employees to implement the planned transformations independently and personally and to tackle the future with a strengthened team spirit.

What it is about:

  • Getting the whole company into one room
  • Finding similarities instead of dealing with conflicts
  • Everyone has the chance to be heard and to hear new perspectives
  • Developing a common vision
  • Planning measures after reaching consensus about the desired future