Real Time Strategic Change (RTSC) – quickly getting to the implementation

RTSC-conferences are about the quick use of knowledge and experience for an urgent and imminent transformation process. In a fast and intensive process the participants work out concrete ideas and measures for objectives defined in advance. This can happen for varying as well as for similar issues in groups of up to 200 people. Even managers or employees who are not personally present can be involved via phone or webinar directly from the RTSC conference.

Following the elaboration, the results of the group work will be reviewed and evaluated by the decision-makers and approved for implementation. The whole thing is a very exhausting process for everyone involved but at the same time highly motivating.

What it is about:

  • Getting experts into one room
  • Letting expertise flow into concrete measures for defined objectives
  • Making rapid decisions for implementation
  • Demonstrating what works and what is possible
  • Encouraging for the future