Bar Camp – increase the circle of participants by digital inclusion

The intensive exchange of knowledge between equals and the free design are characteristic for bar camps. Unlike traditional large group formats, bar camps only have participants or “part-givers”. On the morning of the event, they spontaneously agree on a common program. It is held under a specific heading and supported by presentations, discussions and workshops. People who are not personally present are actively included by using web or phone conference calls. The participants inspire each other through intense exchange of knowledge and experiences and generate creative ideas and practical concepts. At the same time, new contacts and communication networks arise. Formats similar to bar camps are especially useful if the knowledge and the experience of people that are far away as well as resources should be used efficiently.

What is it about:

  • Bringing like-minded and interested people together in an attractive and inspiring environment
  • Using digital technologies to act locally independent and involve many committed individuals
  • Supporting self-organization and self-management
  • Selecting visionary and metaphoric perspectives
  • Gaining inspiration and ideas for personal issues