Using the fire of large groups

What shall result from a long coffee break meeting of 400 employees of a company from different fields and hierarchical levels? For example identification, sustainability and good ideas.

The fastest and most committed transformations are implemented if people are involved and participate in the development of strategies. This requires events during which as many people as possible can work on their issues in one shared room. For example …

  • Bar Camp – increasing the circle of participants through digital inclusion
  • Open Space – bring order to the creative chaos 
  • Future conference  – preparing the company for the future
  • World Café – creatively stimulating transformations
  • Real Time Strategic Change (RTSC) – quickly getting into implementation  

noesis has already successfully implemented all these formats many times: with certainty, creativity, motivating and sustainably. We adjust these formats according to the objectives of the organization, the requirements of the corporate culture and the expectations of the employees…