The coaching process and its general framework

1. The initial conversation and the first order clarification:

The coachee and the coach get to know each other and discuss possible concerns and objective of the coachee; if necessary a HR representative and the coachee’s supervisor can also be present

2. The decision-making process:

The coachee and the coach agree on a common coaching process. The coachee as well as the coach...

  • like and trust each other,
  • believe that the objectives desired by the coachee can be achieved within the scheduled time frame

3. The arrangement of appointments:

Coachee and coach arrange and attend concrete interview appointments. The contents of the interview remain strictly confidential.

4. The final conversation:

The coachee, and if applicable a HR representative, as well as the coachee’s supervisor discuss their perceptions regarding the achievement of the targeted objectives and the success of the coaching process.


General framework

  • Coaching objectives concerning the professional environment are defined.
  • Coaching takes place in sequences (approx. 2 hours per sequence).
  • The distance between the coaching-sequences is approx.  6 to 8 weeks.
  • Both sides have the opportunity to quit the coaching process at any time
  •  It is agreed on a clearly defined period of cooperation (3 to 7 sequences)
  • The cooperation is strictly confidential for all Partners