Our coaching-philosophy

  • If something is to be set in motion, this can be done by a difference in the observation, explanation and evaluation (for example: framing - reframing).
  • Systemically, any phenomenon can express competence or incompetence; it depends on the context. The results determine what appears to be competent in given context.
  • The coach’s patterns of thinking and behaving are not better but different from those of the coachee
  • It is the function of the coach to activate a targeted benefit process of own competences and resources, already present in the organization. He accompanies the client’s autonomous searching and finding processes.
  • The systemic coach offers and invites: He does not force an advice or solution on the client. He may suggest solutions to the client’s problems. The proposed solutions are always formulated as offers; the coach may never “fall in love” with his hypothesis and solution proposals.
  • The systemic coach knows that every organization is designed in a unique, autonomous and coherent manner.
  • The client is the expert for its own cause. No matter what the coach thinks, the coachee decides what is appropriate and to what extent a solution is suitable.
  • The systemic coach helps the client to comprehensively evaluate his situation and may therefore raise his personal assessments.
  • The coach makes transparent what he does and for which purpose (“product information”).