What we consider coaching: Developing resources and potentials

Business coaching means to give professional advice, accompany and support people in management functions or in expert roles primarily concerning professional issues (acc. DBVC 2015 / ICF). 

As a companion a coach helps to gain new perspectives and overcome mental barriers and obsolete patterns of behavior: In phases of orientation, clarification and change. The coach is “pathfinder” and “engine” for developing resources and potential. He supports “autonomous search and finding processes of the coachee using competences and resources that already exist in the organization” (acc. Schmidt 2014)

Our coach colleagues (see also „about us: the noesis team”)

  • Are DBVC certified.
  • Have many years of experience as leaders (partially in large companies) in different sectors.
  • Show  wide specific expertise  (i.e. different cultural experience, functional expertise in the field of IT, sales, HR, finance ...)
  • Have different kinds of additional professional qualifications (hypno-systemic, mediation, gestalt psychology ...)
  • Regularly undergo supervision processes  
  • Regularly take part in external trainings

Our main topics in the business environment are:

  • New leaders shall be strengthened (transition-coaching)
  • Specific development objectives are to be achieved (transfer-coaching)
  • Current tension or conflict situations shall be solved
  • Behavioral changes are desired
  • An improvement of the inner balance shall be sought („stress-coping“)
  • Intercultural and diversity issues need to be balanced
  • The decision making regarding professional development shall be brought forward
  • A personal potential or situational analysis is desired
  • Executive-Coaching: strategic questions to be discussed with a professional partner