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With this website we would like to inspire you for your projects about transformation management, organizational and staff development.

And, of course, invite you to cooperate with us. This could be particularly suitable if you are looking for the most recent and science-based solutions, if practical and sustainable strategies are important to you, and if you are looking for meta-methods to succeed in a complex world.

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Why the pictorial world street art?

… this art movement eludes unambiguous categorization: it is rebellious and complacent, bulky and popular, simple and highly complex.* With this pictorial world we want to perceive the variety and energy that lies in this kind of art as an inspiration and metaphor for our consulting work. For the VUCA requirements (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) of a globalized, multirational and digital world of economy that we would like to meet individually, appreciatively and guiding. With solutions that are generated from vision, understanding, clarity and agility.
*artspezial 2015 

How does noesis sound?

Unfortunately we cannot implement the entire VAKOG model on our website yet. Nevertheless, we would like to give you an overall impression of who we are and what we sound like ...

News from noesis

noesis in interview with managerseminare journal

Read in the German interview about the roots of our company, about our most exceptional job and which celebrity we would like to hire/work with....
noesis in interview on the occasion of our 25-year anniversary.



I feel gifted working together with your group: we really embraced and cheered our differences!
It was truly a great group experience.


Paris as a Location for Training

#Phantastic Days #Great Job #Amazing Participants!
Thank You!


Digitalization in training, coaching and team development: noesis goes digital

In order to act in our cooperation for our partners, companies, executives and coachees even faster, more effectively and demand based, we have launched the campaign “noesis goes digital”.


Certification as „Live Online Trainer"

In the course of our „noesis goes digital“-offensive all consultants and trainers of noesis are now certified as „Live Online Trainer".


Impressions: noesis International Leadership Training



Making-of – The formation of the noesis claims as street art...

For us art is a source of inspiration: For example as a metaphorical anchor in organizational development, in seminars or team coaching. Art can be a medium of communication, change and sustainability.